Lanka Sportreizen established in 1982 better known as LSR - a leading Travel Agent / Tour Operator specializing in water and nature based activities is organizing and conducting the event since its launch in 1998.

LSR also is the sole Ground Handling Agent for the National Carrier – Sri Lankan Airlines.

Lanka Sportreizen also organizes many other different sports events meeting the demands arising which help in unearthing the hidden local talent. Some of the events that have been organized are the Japan Professional Surfing Association’s Annual Championships, British Professional Surfing Association’s Annual Ranking Tournament, Vittle Adventure Raid, Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Qualified Series (WQS) Surfing Championship, Sri Lankan Airline Golf Classic, Rumble in the Jungle Mountain Biking Challenge, Sri Lanka T-Cup Road Biking Challenge, etc.

Marathon running has gathered momentum all over the world as an event that not only provides an opportunity for athletes from all parts of the world to compete with each other on a land course but also to develop friendly relationships by taking it as a recreational activity for non professional runners.